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SUSTAINABILITY: Making the Best Use of Resources

Working LEAN at Eastern Health Working LEAN at Eastern Health
Published on Connect Magazine, Fall 2012
You’re picking your child up from school. Do you drive the route that traditionally takes you 25 minutes or the route that usually takes 15 minutes? You just put a load of laundry in the washer. Do you stand in front of it waiting for it to finish in order to put the clothes in the dryer?... >>more 

The Million Dollar Solution Managed Print Services The Million Dollar Solution 
Managed Print Services 

Published on Connect Magazine, Fall 2011
Did you know that each and every month in Eastern
Health we print and photocopy 4.8 million pages of
paper? That’s 138,000 pages a day, 10 pages each - 365 days a year... >> more 


Updated Sep 25, 2012